>80% of workshop participants reported reduced levels of stress & anxiety.


“Spend a day to get a tool for life. This doesn’t teach you so much how to be positive, but rather how to be LESS NEGATIVE, which I think is actually more important. It can be hard hitting, but that’s precisely how it needs to be to make a long lasting impact.”

A.L., workshop participant, August 2018


>90% report an improvement in their emotional wellbeing.


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Friday, 4 January 2019 . 10am - 5pm

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“My existing belief system and behaviours were blocks to reaching my goals. There are certain myths and misconceptions about anger - it’s not about looking into the past that makes me better - it’s learning the appropriate techniques to cope more effectively. This course is not just friendly. More importantly it helped me FACT FIND about myself.”

Workshop participant, September 2018


“Saima Salman was excellent as a facilitator - she really made us work hard and think. Her experience working with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and with different stressors clearly came through in our session. I had a wake up call that was both inspiring and empowering - and I’m applying what I learnt to my work interactions every day .”

Workshop participant, November 2018