Saima Salman

FOUNDER & Director, Rational Living Inc.

Saima is the creator of "Building Your Emotional Muscle", a practicing Clinical Psychologist and former clinical fellow at the renowned Albert Ellis Institute, a pioneering institute in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy globally and theme-centred psycho-educational workshops. She is a Certified Supervisor with over 18 years of diverse clinical experiences with American, European and Asian populations.

Saima has worked closely with The Bettr Group since 2012, pioneering the emotional empowerment curricula of its Holistic Training Programme, the positive effects of which - to date - continue to impact over 100 marginalised women and youth-at-risk, as well as their dependents.

Rational Living Inc. is a leading Singapore based company providing corporate trainings, psychological services to individuals, groups and companies as well as supervisory services to aspiring and practicing psychologists. Saima has trained health professionals in the areas of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Couples as well as Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of anger, anxiety and depressive disorders.